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Rice is the second most important crop in the world after wheat, with Asia being the largest producer and consumer markets for rice in the world.

That puts our company at the forefront amongst the challenging and competitive industry to be a part of the leading market in the rice industry especially in Basmathi type of rice, as it is fast becoming a more popular and healthier option of the consumer market here in Malaysia.

Rice is a fixed staple for everyday Malaysian diets and that makes our jobs as wholesalers packagers and marketers a challenge indeed, to be the preferred option and the must have brands on their plates.

This makes us step up and strive harder to serve better quality of rice through looking at all our processes and ensuring that our products are pure, authentic in taste, free from Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), have a high quality on all health aspects and appeals to each and every Malaysian plate.

Moving forward, I am confident that Inayu Global will reach deep and rely on our experience and expertise, to drive and support the agriculture industry here in Malaysia. We hope that not to far in the future ahead, ours will be a name that rings off our customers ears and taste buds when it comes to being the top rice choice!

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